As the use of digital learning technologies rapidly increases all over the world, the Online Education Team has worked hard to strengthen the online dimension of several educational programs at Climate-KIC. With a core aim to improve user experiences and at the same time scale the programme to reach a global audience, a new design and navigation structure is currently being implemented.

Digital learning technologies and a strong online presence is important to all educational programmes, whether they are psychical, blended or online. In the new web-structure the learner and climate entrepreneurs will be able to access and navigate seamlessly between the different education and training offers. The various education programs at Climate-KIC are connected vertically through a single sign-on and horizontally with the new cooperate web-structure that Climate-KIC will be launching in Spring 2017.

The online learner can tailor their learning to their specific needs, the course, journey and workshop participant can prepare through an online induction program, interact with the other participants, create groups, before, during and after the course takes place. The building of communities of practice and the joint support in implementing action plans are very powerful and important activities in training to become a climate entrepreneur.

Besides the updated navigation and design of the Online Education Programmes, the recent development of an online dimension includes the:

The users of these educational programs will benefit from becoming part of the newly connected online learning eco-system. Also, the programme administration will be easier to handle because the recruitment, application and on boarding process of participants are supported by the joint learning management system.

For more information about the opportunities to work with the Climate-KIC Online Team please contact Mikkel Trym,