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There is an urgent need for new approaches to creating business models that move beyond the traditional, narrow 'company-customer' focus. For businesses to achieve sustainable success, they need to take a broader 'systems view' that takes into account the needs of a wider range of stakeholders and the challenges posed by climate change and Earth’s limited resources.

About this Sustainable Business Models Hub

EIT Climate-KIC has engaged with experts and initiatives around new, systemic approaches to business models and has also tested new approaches in its own learning programmes. This training hub is designed to share the findings, tools and methods from this work so you can benefit from this knowledge and apply it to your own context.

This hub gives access to a number of FREE online learning courses (see the Course E-shop panel at the bottom of this screen). Each one offers an informative and engaging mix of materials that gives you the 'must know' facts on developing sustainable business models. You are free to view the learning materials in the different courses in whatever way meets your needs.

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An introduction to business models and how systemic approaches can meet the climate change challenge
Coming Soon: Launching soon! How to design a sustainable business model
A step-by-step exploration of the sustainable business models design process (including tools and methods), This covers the key stages of Analysis, Development, Evaluation and Implementation.