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Why a database?

The nature of systems, system innovation and transitions is complex and individual. There is no “one size fits all” blueprint approach to solve a particular challenge, as for example the transition of a mobility system in a city or the innovation of a value chain in a production process. For this reason, this database is designed to

  • Allow you to pick out the material that is most suitable and useful to the context you are working in
  • Encourage you as trainers and coaches to recombine the material for customizing and fitting the training you are delivering to an organisation, company, group or team as much as possible
  • Adapt, extend and develop the approaches we propose according to your context and experience

We are truly interested in your thoughts, experience and stories from applying the Transitions Hub in practice. We believe that we can learn from the richness of the community of trainers and coaches to improve what we have, and to co-create with you out there. Please feel free to provide your feedback, and get in touch with us!

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Overview of the material

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