• Denmark - Spark n°2 - April 25 

 Investing for sustainability with Niels Fibæk-Jensen


Niels Fibæk-Jensen is the CEO and cofounder of Matter (previously Penstable), a Danish pension/fintech startup focusing exclusively on sustainable investments. In cooperation with their strategic partner, Skandia, Matter launched a sustainable pension scheme in Denmark.

Today, we have invested 4 to 5 times as much money in fossil fuels as we can afford to extract and combust if we are to avoid catastrophic climate changes and global temperature increases of more than 2 degrees Celsius on average. Matter is changing this by offering a sustainable alternative to a normal pension plan. With a sustainable pension with Matter and Skandia, you avoid investments in fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco, while more money is invested in companies working towards a sustainable future.

Niels will tell us more about Matter, the work they do, challenges they address and about their entrepreneurial journey from a small start-up to being on Forbes' 30 under 30.


17.15-17.30: Arrival and check-in

17.30-18.30: Keynote speech + Q&A by Niels Fibæk-Jensen

18:30-20.30: Dinner* and networking


Please note that the deadline for registration is 19th of April 2019.

This event is open for all Climate-KIC Label students, Greenhouse and CKAA

* The dinner will be vegetarian.