Paul Dickinson is Founder and Executive Chair of CDP (the Carbon Disclosure Project), an independent non-profit organisation whose aim is to transform the way the world does business, to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources.

Paul gave a Climate-KIC SPARK! Lecture about CDP in Berlin in November 2014. A key focus of his talk is the role that citizens can play in changing the behaviour of large corporations in the context of climate change.

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  1. Paul Dickinson suggests creating an app to extend the use of CDP data to all of us. He says it should be: 'big, simple and incorruptible'.
    What's it going to do?

  2. CDP: Simple idea, big impact. What's your simple idea which would really make a difference in the climate arena?
    Share your thoughts.
  3. Paul Dickinson says that sustainability is something that governments don't do. But Mariana Mazzucato says government is a key player in driving innovation. See what she says by viewing our Perspectives on Innovation module.
    How can governments help promote sustainability through innovation?
  4. What kind of business opportunity does CDP give rise to?
    Can you come up with a business idea, which could leverage CDP data, for instance?

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