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This SPARK! Lecture consists of two separate but related presentations.

Under the heading "Of the importance of Carbon in soils", Markus Kleber talks about the importance of soils in the global carbon cycle and especially in the context of global climatic changes. He describes the origin of soil carbon, the quantity of carbon in soils and the links that exist between soil carbon and greenhouse gases. Finally, he addresses the mechanisms that can explain the observed persistence of carbon in soils and the last results of the scientific domain that is investigating the carbon sequestration in soils.

Markus Kleber is Associate Professor at Oregon State Univesity.

In the second presentation, Claire Chenu talks about "How to manage soil carbon, the link with agriculture and society". She describes the link between the scientific knowledge of soil carbon and how society uses soil, for agriculture, forestry, urban soils etc. After presenting agricultural practices that can have an impact on the quantity of carbon in a given soil, she finishes with words on the United Nations International Year of Soil and the societal importance of soils worldwide.

Claire Chenu is a professor at AgroParisTech.

The lecture took place in November 2015 at UPMC in Paris.