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Our lecturer explained her experience at Plug&Play and outlined, through real cases of investors, start-ups and entrepreneurs, the tips a new start-up should have in mind, and what he or she can expect from the investors’ groups when approaching them. This was a very practical course, where a new entrepreneur gets a chance to better understand how Plug&Play, the largest accelerator in the world, works and why failure is Silicon Valley’s greatest strength.

Jackie Hernandez explores the new emerging sectors, and describes with examples how companies appear, grow, evolve and disappear. She then highlights the importance of knowing the market and anticipating the future, as well as the importance of having an understanding of customers. She also provides some insight about how big investors decide who to invest in.

Jackie Hernandez, Vice President of Operations & Customer Engagement at Plug&Play Tech Center (Silicon Valley): Strategic and transactional executive passionate about high-tech innovation and startups. Mentor and evangelist for open innovation, venture funding and product positioning. Strong experience in operating roles, across key business disciplines, including strategic alliances, customer service and international logistics. Ability to identify critical market requirements and orchestrate strategies to achieve success.

Ten years experience in startup acceleration; design, setup and operations of accelerator programs, with vast entrepreneurial network with ramifications into the corporate world, venture capital and angel investment community particularly in Silicon Valley.

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  1. Is the Plug & Play experience applicable to the European market? Can we compare its start-up concept with ours?
  2. Is the customer prepare for the cleantech products? How should we approach them?
  3. Which are the key elements of a start-up?

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