From the financial crisis to the recent Panama Papers it´s clear that the way money is dealt with is seriously flawed. Some innovators have started to offer alternatives to the way we use and share money, though most of them are still niche options. Network organizations like Enspiral developed "Co-Budget“ as a tool to collaboratively fund projects from within their community. The recently hyped Bitcoin promises to transfer money securely and fully transparently, kicking out intermediaries like banks. We´ll explore these and more inspiring financial innovations and alternative ways to incentivize revenue for serious problems such as climate change.

Daniel Kruse is a co-founder of Open State, a Berlin collective to foster open-source hardware and facilitate social innovation. Last summer they organized POC21, a 5-week innovation camp with 100 permanent residents developing 12 prototypes for the collaborative, circular economy we need. In 2016 and beyond they set up a development studio to bring these kinds of projects to market and consult refugee shelters across Europe about inclusive solution processes. (https://p2pfoundation.net/Cobudget, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin, https://www.openstate.cc)

Stefan Mekiffer is philosopher with strong interest in looking into projects that aim to ‘save the world’. He has written a book called ‘Why there actually is money for everyone’ (German: Warum eigentlich Geld für alle da ist). He investigates how money as a system came up and turned the world into a machine. At the Spark, he gives a thought-provoking introduction into the history of money systems. (http://stefanmekiffer.de/ueber.html German only)

At the end of the Spark, you see people leaving the room. They went outside and shared their thoughts in quick peer reviews. For you who watched the video, we have two questions. Please comment on at least one of them in the forum, read other posts (if you are not the first to do this task) and comment if you like.

  1. Which alternative money systems do you know? What do you think about them?
  2. Do you have a utopian idea you’d like to share? Comment on others’ ideas.

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