Innovation on Resources Management

Location: UniversitĂ  di Bologna - Campus Ravenna, Aula Master - Via Sant'Alberto 163, Ravenna

Time: 14:00-18.00

New Millennium resources management needs to explore new technologies which combine micro-level processes with emerging macro and meso level patterns. Common pool resources (CPR) are shared among people who may not agree on how to manage them. CPR management and climate change face today challenges such as, e.g., depletion of open-water fisheries, local air and water pollution, failures in public provision of health and/or transportation, failures in forest and biodiversity conservation. This spark lesson introduces innovative governance studies focusing on: Management of renewable resources based on the concepts of maximum sustainable yield (MSY). (Clark, C. W. 2010), and of evolution of institutions for governing the commons (Ostrom E. 1990 ). We will apply these theoretical concepts to Forest Management and the complexity behind the governance of the protected area of Yaigoje Apaporis National Natural Park.

Keynote speaker: Nidia Catherine González - Research Fellow at University of Bologna Department of Political and Social Sciences

Education manager in charge: Paola Valandro

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