Location: Biogas Zurich AG, Paul-Pflüger-Strasse 104, 8064 Zürich

Date: 07 May 2018

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Join us for an exciting site visit to Biogas Zurich AG where we will get an introduction to the fermentation and biogas treatment plant! In a circular economy, bio-waste is not landfilled. Instead, it forms a resource for organic soil improvers, fertilisers, growing media component and bio-based products. The carbon and nutrient contents of bio-waste are mainly concentrated in organic fertilisers, soil improvers and growing media, or can be extracted, modified or transformed into a range of different bio-based products, too. All these secondary products can replace fossil-based products such as mineral fertilisers, peat and fossil fuels. After use, the residues of these products can flow back safely into the biosphere, thereby closing carbon and nutrient cycles. In our first Climate-KIC Spark! event of 2018, we will visit the Biogas Zurich AG and get a tour around the plants. Biogas Zurich AG processes organic waste into biogas through fermentation, which is fed into the power supply network as a nearly carbon-neutral energy source.

Keynote speaker: Helmut Vetter

Education manager: Fabienne Lang

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