The case studies in this database provide learners with real-life examples of the challenges faced when implementing innovations in contexts of tackling climate change – be it in a start-up community, the (local) policy area or in established organisations. Illustrating the hands-on and engaging practical examples they support learning from these challenges and to reach a number of specific learning objectives.

With considerable variety the cases deal with numerous topics, such as carbon footprint, corporate climate-change strategies, the circular economy, multi-stakeholder relations, sustainable business models, and a bunch of start-up topics like organizational development, investor relations, investment negotiations or dealing with complex organizational problems. And also the cases vary in their format: Although they are all easy-to-read and have an engaging narrative, they have different lengths (30-360 minutes of work), as they can be used in modular ways.

For each case study teaching notes are available with further information how to apply the case studies. In case you are interested in the teaching notes, please reach out to gunnar.glaenzel@community.climate-kic.org