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About CO2 re-use and EnCO2re

There is an urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to harmful climate change. So, let's capture CO2 emissions and make them work for us, not against us! Captured CO2 can be used to develop useful products – what a fantastic opportunity! The EIT Climate-KIC flagship programme EnCO2re (named for its mission of enabling CO2 re- use) has a vision: a balanced and prosperous market for re-used CO2, starting with a focus on polymers and chemical intermediates.

EnCO2re Courses

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Learn how the EIT Climate-KIC flagship programme EnCO₂re has supported large-scale CO₂ re-use.
What is the business case for CO₂ re-use? What are the barriers and challenges? Find out in this course!
Explore the exciting innovations that are making CO₂ re-use a reality and what products can be created from re-used CO₂.
In this course, explore how CO₂ producers can partner with industries that can utilise captured CO₂.