Sustainable business model design takes a science-based system approach to designing businesses who are fit-for-the-future and generate meaningful and authentic impact in the world.  Join us for this ground-breaking innovative experiential course on Sustainable Business Model Design.

"If you wish to have the possibility for wide-spread human wellbeing (what we refer to as 'flourishing'), you will need everyone, and especially people leading enterprises, to consciously think beyond short-term futures and self-interests. To enable flourishing, true sustainability, for the whole of society, we need to be way more intentional about how we design our enterprises with this goal in mind. The smart consensus is that it is most effective, fastest and least expensive overall to intentionally design your enterprise by creating a model of it, we call this a 'business model'. It's way faster to create a model than to build the real thing.

This course is based on the outcomes of a 5-year action research project conducted with over 800 entrepreneurs across multiple countries which explored the key components and processes needed to develop sustainable business models that meet the Sustainable Development Goals and go beyond. It is the first research of its kind globally." More information on the training and to register have a look here: https://learning.climate-kic.org/en/courses/face-to-face-courses/sustainable-business-model-design

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