26 May 2020 Kickoff!

City Loops is an EIT Climate-KIC innovation project to develop and strengthen business opportunities based on circular economy for companies in five cities (and the regions) – Berlin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Sofia and Wuppertal.

The innovation programme is based on innovative and proven methods for developing strategies to:

  • Close material loops;
  • Intensify value creation;
  • Design innovative business models for circular solutions;
  • Identify and create local and regional business opportunities;
  • Develop high impact innovation partnerships.

City Loops Frankfurt – in cooperation with Bioball – focuses on innovative business solutions for organic waste streams.

The current BioBall project aims to develop organic material flows that have so far been rarely or not recycled at all, wasting all associated material value.

The City Loops Innovation workshop offers some of the latest and previously tested concepts and methods to achieve this goal.

Invited are stakeholders from companies, municipalities, scientific or other organizations – also from outside the Bioball project – who want to develop new solutions for organic waste.

To get a first taste, a short introductory ‘KennenlernWorkshop’ will take place on Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 3.30pm CET. The Innovation Workshops will kick off on 9 June (all in German).

Interested? Register at https://www.provadis-hochschule.de/cityloops/.