"Yes, living now feels out of control. It feels frightening, and scary and new. But let’s not falter at this crucial of transitions that is coming at us right now. Let’s face it with stubborn and determined optimism." Tom Rivett-Carnac

No matter how serious and challenging the current situation in the world is, there are upsides as well, and entrepreneurs need to focus their mind on these. One of the core elements of the sustainable business modelling course is a focus on positive mindsets. We see situations as positive opportunities, not as problems to be solved.

The mindsets we suggest nourishing and developing are strong driving forces for doing that. Here are some examples how to make the best of the situation by adopting positive mindsets:

  • Reflection: Our routines may be disrupted, and this should be seen as a huge chance to reflect things, see them in a new light, and reconsider who you are, what you want, and why, including your enterprise and business ideas. 

  • Openness: The lockdown is only external – internally and mentally you can choose to be more open than ever! Get inspired by the often surprising creativity you see around in these extraordinary times, embrace it by adopting an “and…” attitude – try to add something to everything that surprises you – what could this mean for your enterprise. 

  • Co-creation: While being separate physically, connect with others, share your thoughts and try to create something together with them – again use the power of “and…”: Add something to every idea your co-creators express starting with “and” and let them do the same. And again, try to interpret this for your business ideas as well. 

This is just to name a few of all the mindsets we suggest you equip yourself with. How you experience and interpret the world is up to you and your deliberate choice of mindsets. As Jeroen Kraaijenbrink points out very rightly hereCovid-19 shows that, as soon as there is a strong enough stimulus, things can change. It is up to us to shape the open space these changes create and make the best of it.

We are suggesting three groups of Flourishing Mindsets which will all help you make the best of the opportunities this and future situations are bringing: Flourishing leadership, design, and systems thinking – learn more about these in Module 2 of our newly launched course on sustainable business modelling.

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Watch Tom Rivett-Carnac speak about the mindset of "stubborn optimism" to confront climate change in the current days: https://www.ted.com/talks/tom_rivett_carnac_how_to_shift_your_mindset_and_choose_your_future#t-942435