Building a self-sustaining professional network for circular economy.

Are you:

  • Already aware of the necessity of the circular economy (and/or systemic change)?
  • Willing and able to act, and dedicated to develop solutions on a system level?
  • Working in respective sector(s) and functions that potentially 'fit together' to jointly create circular solutions?
  • Willing to commit yourself to collaborate and to work together beyond this project?

Then the City Loops circular economy innovation training programme could be for you!


About the programme

The global climate crisis and aggravating resource scarcity calls for a a new and different way to define 'the economy'. Governments are reacting to this imperative, for example with the European Green Deal, which is estimated to affect about two thirds of all industry sectors in Europe.

Circular Economy approaches are one path towards a zero-carbon society, which we have to realise within this decade. However, the transition to a Circular Economy needs a system approach. This is what EIT Climate-KIC's circular innovation program City Loops will help you put into practice - by developing and strengthening circular economy opportunities in your city.

The City Loops mission is ‘to create a self-sustaining professional network with shared commitment to deliver improvements for circular economy solutions’. In each city, City Loops will focus on circular innovation solutions for the regional, for example participants in Frankfurt can focus on bioeconomy sector and organic waste streams.

Participants will learn

  • How to identify Circular Economy (CE) approaches to create new business opportunities and revenue streams.
  • How to develop CE opportunities into innovative and practical business solutions.
  • How to deliver better circular solutions and create a more effective and collaborative business community.

The 2020 programme

City Loops kicks off in 2020 in five cities: Berlin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Sofia and Wuppertal. Each city has its own dedicated City Loops partner implementing three circular innovation workshops, focusing on their own city-specific regionally relevant business sector. See the individual workshop pages to find out more details on the dates, focus areas and agenda.

Building a City Loops circular economy innovation community

Most importantly, City Loops provides all of its participants access into their own city-specific learning and action network. Thus, each participant will be part of his or her own local 'community of circular professionals', focusing on circular innovation solutions for their business sector.