Acting as a change maker in nowadays world is not easy. Due to the increased complexity when taking decisions in a globalized world, it often seems an impossible task. 

In the first week of December, EIT Climate-KIC hosted a training for facilitation in a multiple-stakeholder setting in Budapest. The participants came from various backgrounds and faced challenges in academia, in the public as well as in the corporate sector.

Facilitation as a bridge-building-force in highly complex environments

Facilitation depends on various factors such as the context of and the relationships within the group which adds complexity to its implementation. Taking a systemic approach to it, the two Climate-KIC Coaches Toni and Marisa led the group with a lot of fun exercises through this difficult, seldomly taught topic.

The participants got to know methods on getting a better feeling for and the engagement of different stakeholders. How essential facilitation skills are, got proven immediately in the workshop. Engagement and disengagement based on the personal angles and experiences of the participants brought the group to interesting discussions. 

Putting theory into practice was a very central element of the training and Marisa and Toni made sure, the issues in the seminar group got addressed in an appropriate manner. Whereas the first day, the facilitation training focused a lot on the how-to-do-it, techniques to address real-life-challenges such as power imbalances in the room were worked out during the second day.

The participants left the seminar strengthened- with more tools to apply in difficult settings and the awareness of their strength as well as their own weak points which are important to keep in mind when acting as a facilitator and drive forward change.

This training took place in line with the Climate-KIC Network of Coaches Community event in Budapest last year. The Network of Coaches is a pan-European network, that brings together professionals in coaching and training, providing an excellent opportunity to meet, share experiences and learnings with each other and collaborate with peers around climate change, climate-friendly entrepreneurship and systems innovation.

For more information and how to apply, visit learning.climate-kic.org/en/coaching/network-of-coaches