The world is facing a climate crisis that society and businesses need to prepare for. A free online course aims to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed by introducing the benefits of business modelling with a sustainable approach.

Sustainable Business Models 

After incubating through its programmes over 1400 climate-positive companies and raising almost €1000 million in external investment by EIT Climate-KIC’s start-ups community, the organisation has taken a step further and developed an introductory-level course called Benefits of Sustainable Business Modelling for learners from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience.

Whether learners have a business idea, a start-up or just general interest in the topic, they can definitely benefit by learning the basics on how to design a business model, the importance of business modelling, and to analyse the risks and opportunities that arise from climate change.

Throughout this course, learners have access to several real-life case studies, they get to do challenging learning tasks and are offered numerous options to dig deeper by watching videos or scanning through other external resources.

Additionally, in this course a key learning asset is understanding what systems thinking is and its role when business modelling. Applying a systemic approach is key to drive sustainability given that it enables people to raise awareness on the context of the problem they are aiming to solve, to identify stakeholders and interconnected elements, and to foster collaboration in order to collectively design real solutions.

Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT Climate-KIC is the largest public-private partnership in Europe. This way, it is part of its essence to foster collaboration with partners from the worlds of business, academia, and the public and non-profit sectors. Through its partnerships, the organisation aims to accelerate transition towards a climate-resilient society by promoting systems transformation across all of its programmes.

In its online education platform, EIT Climate-KIC offers more than 15 courses for free as climate smart agriculture, green bonds, and engagement strategies around climate change, among others. These courses have been developed in collaboration with leading experts in Europe. Find out more about the course Benefits of Sustainable Business Modelling here.

Contact: gunnar.glaenzel@community.climate-kic.org