In the summer of 2019, EIT Climate-KIC will organise three 'Catapults'; two week thematic summer schools across Europe for PhD students. Recruitment is now open!

During a Catapult, new skills are acquired and innovative ideas brought to life. A combination of discussions with international academic experts and practitioners, creative transferable skills sessions, inspiring workshops, site visits and assignments create a unique learning experience for PhD students. In addition to the delivery of knowledge and skills, the programme is about connecting people and ideas.

This year, EIT Climate-KIC is ofefering three editions on different topics and locations: 1.Sustainable Land Use: Short food supply chains in operation  16th to 28th September in Budapest (first week) and Valencia (second week).Sustainable Land Use & Urban Transitions: Design for Deconstruction in Wood  26th August – 6th September in Helsinki (first week) and Gothenburg (second week) 3.Urban Transitions: district regeneration and decarbonising supply chains  8th – 19th July in Bologna (first week) and Almada (second week).

Questions? You can approach Celsa Monrós celsa.monros@climate-kic.org