Join our five-day course in Warsaw to learn how to apply earth observation in your work!

May 27 – 31 in Warsaw, Poland

Earth Observation data is readily available and growing more sophisticated by the day. Finding ways to leverage this data is a major key in optimising the ways we fight climate change. As developers all over the world try their hand at developing applications to better understand and tackle climate change, Climate-KIC understands the role that this data can have in the development and use of such applications. 

EO ClimLab employs leaders in the field of Earth Observation data as well as software development to ensure the developers of these applications have the tools necessary to stay on the cutting edge of climate change prevention. The program will educate those interested in climate change on how to obtain, process, and use Earth Observation data when writing and developing their own applications. This will give those taking a practical approach to fighting climate change the tools necessary to employ all available information in their solutions.

The course will take a close look at space data and meteorological data, and how the WeatherBox platform can unlock the full potential of this powerful big data. Additionally, participants will be given hands-on coaching on how to build programs from the ground up using these data sets.

This practical approach to tackling the threat of climate change aims to enable the next generation of developers and practitioners to develop real solutions to build towards a more sustainable future.

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