This February: Learn how to use simulation techniques to reach the Sustainable Development Goals!

February 27-28 and April 08 – Online

The World’s Future Online is a social simulation in which participants get immersed in mock negotiation and decision-making to influence the well-being of three countries. It serves as an example of what is needed to solve problems facing the world as a whole. The emphasis of any social simulation is a “serious goal”, be it message transmission, competence training, strategy development or capacity building.

Also known as a multiplayer serious game, it combines the benefits of systems analysis and simulation techniques with the dynamics of creative group scenario building via role-playing and realistic situations that demand communication and co-operation. The World’s Future Online is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the gameplay set in the context of global climate change. Players become leaders of three economically diversified regions that follow carbon-intensive development policies and must undertake decarbonization efforts.

Take part in Climate-KIC’s online Spotlight course "Teaching sustainability – Using simulation to reach the SDGs in regional transformation" and learn how to lead your region to decarbonization!

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