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Find out how to use and work with this flexible learning format on System Innovation. Depending on your background and challenge, you can design your own learning experience while working your way through the different tools included in the learning modules.

System innovation is a complex concept and even more complex to implement. At the same time, innovating a system like the local economy or a mobility scheme is very individual. It depends on the local actors, their relationships and skills, financial resources and much more. For this reason, the present eLearning material allows you to design your own learning experience, depending on your background, your expertise and the challenge that you are working on.

Can I afford the time?
The learning format is designed to be used in a completely flexible way, depending on your role in your working environment, your organisation, your experience, the competence that you are looking for and the challenge for which you might need additional facilitation skills and – obviously – the time you have available. Each combination of learning modules will provide you with an individual learning experience and you can always complement with additional learning modules.

System Innovation overview

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