Take action on climate change

Don’t sit by the sidelines, take action on climate change, turn your research into practice and help create real solutions!

Influential qualifications

We offer you career-enhancing qualifications of the highest quality designed to extend and deepen your knowledge. You will receive tuition from the brightest academic minds in the fields of climate change, innovation, system thinking and entrepreneurship, located in the best academic institutions across Europe.

Learning by experiencing

Expand your horizons by linking your individual research project to real-life low carbon innovation activities (in specific thematic areas) and on the ground challenges.

Career advancement

Climate-KIC provides you with unrivalled professional opportunities. Our combined network of academic institutions and innovative corporations is a unique opportunity to realise your career aspirations and extend your professional contacts.

Personal development

You are tired of standardised education and want to be able to sharpen your own vision for climate change and innovation? We are dedicated to help you explore and realise your own vision for climate change by mentoring and practical support.

Network and community

You become part of an unprecedented, active and influential network of entrepreneurs, businesses, regional governments and academic institutions. After attending our Catapult, you automatically become a member of the Climate-KIC Alumni. Here you will receive access to the other community resources such as entrepreneurship support, research opportunities, and networks with our partners.

You will also be the first to receive opportunities from within our community including job opportunities, research and innovation projects and start-up matching.