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GRI and Climate-KIC courses, empowering sustainable decisions


Are you looking to make sustainable decisions and discover the essentials of sustainability reporting?

Do you want to prepare for the reporting process?

You’ve come to the right place!

GRI has pioneered sustainability reporting since the late 1990s, transforming it from a niche practice to one now adopted by a growing majority of organizations.

GRI’s mission is to empower decision makers everywhere, through its sustainability standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.
GRI e-learning courses offer guidance and support to individuals and organizations that want to know more about the sustainability context, GRI, and sustainability reporting.


A first step for understanding sustainability and reporting using the GRI Standards.
Price: 45 EUR
Learn how, in the fight against corruption, sustainability reporting is both the means of communication and a tool for change.
Price: 80 EUR
Learn why climate change is such an important issue and what organizations can do to manage and report their climate impacts, using GRI Standards
Price: 50 EUR
Learn why gender is a hot topic and how to use GRI Standards to support and report on your gender equality efforts.
Price: 80 EUR
Learn how sustainability reporting enables businesses to show how they are managing their human rights impacts.
Price: 80 EUR
Learn why the supply chain is important for an organization’s sustainability efforts, and how GRI Standards can be used to report on it.
Price: 120 EUR
Learn about the SDGs and the GRI Standards, and find out how these can be aligned for managing and reporting on sustainability.
Price: 120 EUR
GRI Aspects is a series of small courses, each course examining one of the 46 Aspects included in the GRI G4 Guidelines.
Price: 30 EUR each
More GRI courses coming soon!
*Coming soon
A first step for understanding sustainability and reporting using the GRI G4 Guidelines. Course no longer available to buy.

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