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The CO2 challenge

Industry uses fossil fuels and other raw materials to generate the power and products that we all rely on. But at what cost? When we burn fossil fuels, we generate lots of CO2. Too much!

The CO2 re-use opportunity
Where there is challenge, there is opportunity! First we must reduce the CO2 we produce, through efficient use of resources. What's next? Re-use: Let's capture the CO2 emissions and put them to work!

Captured CO2 can be re-used as a reactant to produce new products:

  • Urea
  • Minerals for building materials
  • Fuels for transport and heating
  • Polymers, plus methanol and other chemical intermediates

The EnCO2re flagship programme

Named for its mission of enabling CO2 re-use, the Climate-KIC flagship programme EnCO2re is an innovation and market development program for CO2 re-use. Our vision is a balanced and prosperous market for re-used CO2, beginning with a focus on polymers and chemical intermediates. Our ambition is large-scale CO2 re-use through the establishment of a CO2 value chain.

EnCO2re course overview

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