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Cities play a vital role in addressing climate change. However, they can find it challenging to identify measurable outcomes of urban development initiatives and so attract the finance necessary to support these.

Where there is challenge, there is also opportunity! Results based finance and Gold Standard certification offer cities and municipalities an opportunity to demonstrate to potential investors that their project or programme delivers quantifiable outcomes in a cost- and resource-effective way. Cities who adopt a best practice approach will be well positioned when it comes to the race to secure financial support; in other words, they will be the gold medallists!

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Results Based Finance and The Gold Standard Training

This course consists of two free-to-view modules. You can read an overview of each one below, or select the Enrol here link to begin.
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Module 1
RBF & TGS Foundation Level
This module gives you the ‘must know’ facts about results based finance and the Gold Standard. It explains what results based finance is, what the Gold Standard is, and how they can help cities to plan and implement urban development projects. It also features case studies of cities that have carried out financial assessments to see if results based finance was appropriate.
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Module 2
RBF & TGS Practitioner Level
This module gives cities the practical information and guidance they need to achieve Gold Standard certification. It provides important information for each step of the certification process, including the initial consultation with stakeholders, passing the preliminary review and becoming a registered project/programme, being monitored and independently verified, and finally becoming a certified project/programme.
This module gives access to the Sustainable Development Assessment Tool which is a customised spreadsheet that cities can use to define a project’s sustainable development outcomes.

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