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Welcome urban changemaker. You have come to the right place. This platform aims to equip local governments, citizens and business with a set of capacities that enable them to initiative, promote and accelerate city transformation towards sustainability. As a creator, innovator, disruptor, dreamer and catalyser we understand that your work is essential but constantly challenging. Here you will find knowledge, ideas, tools and inspiration to help you be more effective and have more impact through the great work you do. The content has been collated, curated and distilled from our extraordinary community of practitioners, partners, experts and researchers. Enjoy.

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Through this platform you can access videos, webinars, enrol in face-to-face trainings and online courses covering:
  • Key enablers of transformative change in cites, such as governance and partnership models, access to finance, and urban systems analysis;

  • Strategic topics essential to tackling city challenges, including: leadership for enabling systems change, smart cities, and project preparation

  • New and often overlooked functional skills required for driving the urban transition towards sustainable city systems.

Ready for something more

The content available here provides you with a taste of all that Climate-KIC can offer you through a deeper and tailored training programme built around blended learning and customised training courses, from awareness raising down to financial structuring, as well as through the outstanding aggregated pool of competences the extensive Climate-KIC partnership network can offer.

Our offer includes e-learning courses, webinars and face to face trainings, which cover diverse levels of expertise, from the foundational to practitioner level. Many of our activities are based on a blended learning approach, which combines online resources with group dynamics. We also connect cities-to-cities, cities-to-business and convene a community of practitioners through open dialogues and knowledge sharing activities.

We look forward to creating a learning pathway tailored to the needs of you and your partners.

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Training on what the green bond market is and how to access this low-cost capital for your city’s climate friendly infrastructure project.