1. waleed salih
  2. Sustainable Business Modelling
  3. Monday, 08 July 2019
We know that small businesses are the largest proportion among businesses in the world, according to statistics SMEs represent 90% of all companies SMEs contribute up to 33% of GDP in emerging countries Official SMEs contribute up to 45% of total employment SMEs make an important contribution to all national economies, contributing significantly to employment and output. They are vital suppliers of goods and services to larger enterprises and can be important contributors to exports. These enterprises may be small individually but together they have a large role to play in the private sector. SMEs form the backbone of national economies and the global supply chains of large companies. Individually, SMEs have relatively small environmental and social impacts. However, as a group the impacts are much larger. • IFC is developing a supply chain strategy with leading global corporations on better SME performance and sustainability practices through their supply chains, and innovative solutions to strengthen access to finance for SMEs within the supply chain So far, small, medium and large companies are not aware of the importance of sustainability. As mentioned before, there must be strong plans to promote awareness of the goals of sustainability, the work of monastic councils and people working in the same cultures and environments to unite awareness. Sustainability and absolute dependence on governments
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