1. Madhukar Varshney
  2. E-waste Challenge
  3. Sunday, 03 March 2019
Hi , I am Madhukar for India.

I am an IT and Telecom expert.

During my recent study about future technology trends, I learnt that we are going towards the future problem of E-waste which will be created by IoT , Electric vehicles, 5G etc...So I think it is my duty to learn more about the e-waste recycling and disposal.

Later on,I decided to work on e-waste management . So I expect the course will provide me all the insight about e-waste , end to end process, challenges and ideas to improve the current situation.

I will be interested to Join hand with like minded people across globe to fight against e-waste tusnami.

Additionally, I would like to understand the business case for e-waste to start my own venture in India.
  Pune, Maharashtra, India
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