1. Jo Kaptijn
  2. Music and film for climate changers
  3. Sunday, 05 July 2015
It's time for another playlist! This time on RENEWABLE ENERGY!

Martin - our Spotify Master - has got an REI playlist started and is looking for more tracks to add: the more innovative the better (!)

There is a catch though, to get them added to the list, you must also explain WHY you think they're suitable. A couple of examples:

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (reason = Solar panels, anyone?)

[/list] Joan Armatrading - Down to Zero (Reason = Never mind a max 2 degrees temperature rise, let’s really go for it (and zero emissions and all that…) and it's a great track!)

So over to you...reply to this post or select the email link on the Spotify player on the REI MOOC course pages.
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