1. John Hite
  2. Mark Shayler SPARK! lecture
  3. Thursday, 02 August 2018
Once, Mark Shayler said in his lecture that physiology plays an important role in the development of graphology as a science: the tasks of handwriting are well defined: to find the laws of the relationship between the activities of the bodies, the execution of the letter and the result of this activity - handwriting.
Numerous studies of psychologists, graphologists, physiologists have shown that the disease , associated with a violation of the activity of various parts of the nervous and muscular systems, age-related changes in the body, cause changes in handwriting.

The general pattern of handwriting changes associated with pathological, age they and other changes in the body, in combination with other signs of handwriting, give the expert the opportunity to make the right conclusion.Also, not only with age and with pathological disorders in the human body, changes in handwriting are observed, there are cases where the handwriting is deliberately changed.
To recognize such a handwriting, you need to know patterns that would help to identify the nature and extent of changes in handwriting patterns under different circumstances. It is equally important to have strong signs of handwriting, which will help to establish a manuscript executor.
The Assessment of Graphology articles;
Handwriting in Private and Official Letters by writemyessayfast graphologist Rhonda Wills.
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