1. Andrew Steves
  2. Mark Shayler SPARK! lecture
  3. Monday, 25 June 2018
Press agents are most familiarly associated with a Broadway or Hollywood clientele, but their clients may be corporations, government departments, resorts, plays, books, theories, institutions, or individuals. Their resourcefulness and unorthodoxy, no doubt, led The New York Times to make the editorial comment that "press agentry is a profession whose subtle methods of approach are viewed by newspaper editors with a cold eye."

When, however, the professional drum-beaters for Broadway organized themselves as "New York Theatrical Press Agents" the same Times congratulated the group for the "frank and disarming fashion" in which they announced themselves. Public relations, the newest term of the four, describes an organized system devised for the influencing of opinion. It utilizes when necessary all the skills and techniques of publicity, advertising, and press agentry toward this end, and it does this after careful investigation.

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