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I am a student at the Seneca college. As a part of newly established Environmental sustainability committee, we have been devising measures to promote and embed sustainability in the Seneca Culture as quoted in ( https://inside.senecacollege.ca/sustainability/committee/index.html )
Here are some of our measures:
1) Encouraging for excellence in environmental sustainability
across Seneca.
2) Acting as a repository of best practices and increasing awareness of Seneca initiatives by producing, among other communications tools, an annual report card highlighting success stories in the following areas:
Conservation and restoration
Energy and climate change
Green building
Waste management
3) Encouraging weaving the sustainability agenda into academic curricula across programs
4) Helping to set standards of sustainability performance in key areas
5) Creating opportunities to influence student perspective and literacy on sustainability and to celebrate student engagement in this area
6) Monitoring best practices in the broader post-secondary community.

As part of the second initiative, we are trying to replace the floor cleaning equipment on our campus and we have come across something called replacement filters. We need someone who specializes in providing us with the quality cleaning equipment.

I hope someone can suggest for better quality cleaning equipment. Or do we need to contact some industrial filter manufacturers?
Expecting some replies. Thank you.
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Waste management is the process of treating solid wastes and recycle these waste material into some other useful form. each and every household and business owner in the world needs waste management. It includes collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste. Various methods of Waste Disposal includes landfills, incineration/combustion, recovery and recycling, plasma gasification, composting, recover energy and waste minimization. You have done a great work here. I would like to do web hosting for your website.
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