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  3. Thursday, 11 May 2017
Although it appears there are more issues within the realm of gender equality within developed nation-states (e.g. how women averagely earn 77% less income than men), language is how we channel our thoughts and consequently communicate them. The term 'guys' is often battered around in spite of its exclusivity. As discourse is so intrinsic to social change, perhaps there could be an active effort for 'guys' to be omitted from our casual greetings? The fact that 'guys' addresses people (not just 'guys') is demonstrative of how masculinity unintentionality governs the minutia of our day-to-day living, especially as it is so commonly used in colloquial conversation.

Could an organization's first step in tackling gender inequality be contronting this form of soft sexism in the workplace? And, with women being the most affected by climate change yet proven to be consistently more concerned with it than men, could it be that these small steps in social progression can impact issues from environmental damage to womens' subordination?
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Gender Equality is about the sexual quality this is in between men and women's make choice without the limitations, if men have the right to make fitness than women is also have right, some of countries people have don't care about fitness like if women are on job so she doesn't care about her self and if men, so the same is with men but this is not the right way you have to give time of your self like go gym and diet is good and also take supplements as well like ask doctor and use cla safflower oil if you don't want to eat any tab so use safflower oil as a cooking oil. gender equality should be the goal of our country
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