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Climathon Course

Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change

If you’re signing up for this year’s Climathon, you’re in for a great ride !

In preparation for the day please use some of Climate-KIC’s online learning materials to help you to develop and pitch your ideas and solutions to this year’s local climate change challenges.

Here are four hand-picked ‘learning nuggets’ that we recommend you look at in advance of taking part in the Climathon.

So, how can we combat climate change?

Each year, scientists learn more about the consequences of global warming, and many agree that environmental, economic and health consequences are likely to occur if current trends continue. Use this learning nugget to find out more, and about the types of projects we can initiate to combat it!
Combat <br> climate change
climate change

Where do good ideas come from?

Do you believe that most ideas are the result of a single illuminating 'Eureka!' moment? If so, this short learning nugget will help you to use your observation and inspiration to find out about other ways that ideas are born and how to develop your own creative thinking skills.
Find ideas <br> & creativity
Find ideas
& creativity

What tools can we use to ideate climate solutions?

When you have identified a climate challenge or a local problem that should be tackled in a climate-friendly way, you need to find inspiration and tools to get creative and identify potential solutions.
Explore the <br> Ideation toolkit
Explore the
Ideation toolkit

Can you pitch your ideas?

If you’re not used to speaking in public or pitching your ideas this is the learning nugget for you! Find out how to plan, structure and script a winning pitch and how to prepare for the day.
Get ready <br> to pitch
Get ready
to pitch
About this course

About this course

This free learning resource provides a range of learning activities to help develop your innovative thinking skills in preparation for the Climathon: Understanding the climate challenge, coming up with ideas, exploring the Ideation toolkit and pitching solutions.

Check out the Climathon page!

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

This course has been compiled to meet the needs of Climathon participants. However, anyone with an interest in taking climate action is welcome to use it.

How long is it?

How long is it?

Guide time = 3+ hours

Allow around 1-2 hours to go through the four learning nuggets initially, but plan extra time to complete the planning and pitching activities and to fully explore any of the external links that you find interesting.