1. Belkis Herrera
  2. GRI and Sustainability Reporting
  3. Saturday, March 04 2017, 05:17 PM
Hi everyone,

I am progressing with the module II, Sustainability Reporting. I have notice how companies such as General Electric have a comprehensive report and are compliant with the guidelines. My concern at this point is how to make the case for SMEs companies, whose impact to communities and environment is significant, could be convinced of embrace Sustainability Reporting? It would be possible to prepare a simplified approach/road map to avoid those companies to be overwhelmed by the requirements and stop considering the benefits of reporting?
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Hi Belkis,

At the moment GRI has a publication available that focuses in particular on making the case for SMEs. You can find it here:

Moreover, GRI will implement soon a program to foster job opportunities in the developing world. The program will be focused on SMEs, and a customized approach for SMEs will be developed too . You can find more info about this here:

More info will come soon...
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