Enhancing the use of Secondary Raw Materials

Please note that grant applications for EIT RIS participants have closed on 3 November. You may still register as a paying participant.

A 50% discount on the regular fee of 800EUR are available for the following groups: employees of public bodies, employees of Climate-KIC partners (both core and affiliate partner), employees of NGOs, Climate-KIC Alumni and participants of the Climate-KIC Certified Professional test phase in 2015.

Date: 1-2 December 2016

Venue: Hotel Novotel Danube - Budapest, Hungary

A significant amount of potential secondary raw materials is lost today in the current waste streams of our economy, which is dominated by the linear model of production. Our course will examine the proportion of waste recycled, reused, or landfilled in Europe; aims to facilitate the implementation of policy responses on a local, national and international level related to sustainable waste management. The programme will focus on the opportunities to improve resource efficiency and to create a more circular economy with more and more secondary raw materials used all around Europe moving towards a zero-waste economy.

During the course, you will gain knowledge and insight to sustainable waste management: waste hierarchy, concept of Circular Economy with a focus on business value, Waste Management EU Policies- changes, updates and the differences in EU States regarding waste management legislation. You will hear success stories and best practices at first hand from different European organizations, companies. This in-depth knowledge will be complemented through practical learnings - work on own projects, vision planning - to improve your related professional skills.
Throughout the course the main focus is on the business value that circular economy can generate through product-life extension, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling.

Main Topics:

  • Introduction to Circular Economy
  • Waste Hierarchy
  • Waste Management EU Policies- changes, updates
  • Differences in EU States regarding waste management legislation
  • Financing possibilities
  • Secondary Raw Materials and Value Chain
  • Business Models for Circular Economy
  • Success stories, Best Practices
  • Life Cycle & Actor Analyses

Who can join

Experts in the field of waste management areas, such as public and private waste operators, waste producers or transporters. Local and regional decision-makers, public administration professionals, environmental experts and NGOs.

Course benefits

Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Be familiar with current and the desirable waste management approaches
  • Have an insight and understanding of Circular Economy
  • Understand the current EU Waste Management Approaches
  • Have an overview of mitigation and adaptation processes on regional and local levels
  • Learn how to identify and engage stakeholders from different sectors
  • Have an update on the potential financial possibilities related to waste management
  • Increase the innovation potential at your respective institution
  • Address specific issues related to your own organization & projects
  • Become part of an world-class network of professionals and researchers within the Climate-KIC community

Recommended online material

  • We encourage participants to enrol in one of these circular economy related online courses before the Spotlight.
  • MOOC on E-waste is a free online course developed by Climate-KIC in which you can be inspired finding solutions to turn e-waste challenge into an opportunity to help mitigate climate change, create green jobs, and help countries kick-start a circular economy.
  • MOOC on Circular Economy is a free introductory course offered by TU Delft into the principles and ideas behind a circular economy. The course starts on 20 October, but can be accessed at any moment after 20 October.


Course fee

  • 800 EUR for regular participants (50% discount available for Climate-KIC partners, public institutions and NGOs)

Grant applications have closed on 3 November.



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