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Please note that grant applications for EIT RIS participants have closed on 31 October. You may still register as a paying participant.

A 50% discount on the regular fee of 800EUR are available for the following groups: employees of public bodies, employees of Climate-KIC partners (both core and affiliate partner), employees of NGOs, Climate-KIC Alumni and participants of the Climate-KIC Certified Professional test phase in 2015.

Date: 24-25 November 2016 

Venue: WenderEDU Business Center, ul. sw. Jozefa 1/3, 50-329 Wroclaw (entrance from Odra river side)

“In short, we need an energy miracle. When I say 'miracle', I don’t mean something that’s impossible. I’ve seen miracles happen before. The personal computer. The Internet. The polio vaccine. None of them happened by chance. They are the result of research and development and the human capacity to innovate." Bill Gates, gatesnotes 2016 Annual Letter

During the first day of the workshop the participants will experience* by themselves what it takes to transition from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy sources and technologies. The second day is dedicated to exploring various ideas applicable to energy transition. The participants will be given a space to form partnerships that will jointly put ideas into actions.

Are you going to be part of the energy transition “miracle”?

*The basis for the experiential learning is the Energy Transition Game developed in Centre for Systems Solutions. The game recreates the most important features related to energy transition in the real world. The game environment is open which allows the participants to try out various strategies and their effects in a complex, multi-actor system.

Who can join

Leadership Innovation for Accelerated Energy Transition workshop is a two days event open to policy makers, innovators, researchers and citizens.

Course benefits

  • Understand different perspectives and the barriers to systemic change
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Build a professional network
  • Initiate innovative projects with other participants

Key experts

Piotr Magnuszewski PhD, co-founder and managing director of the Centre for Systems Solutions (Poland). For many years he has been working as a systems modeller, professional trainer, facilitator and researcher. He is particularly involved in linking theory and practice, science and policy, knowledge and action through diverse systems and knowledge management tools. He has been applying and teaching systems tools with diverse groups of scientists, NGOs, businesses and administration in many countries. Piotr is working also as a research scholar in the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria) engaged in many international projects on adaptive management of complex socio-ecological systems. He participated, as a researcher and work package leader, in many projects within the EU Framework Programme, such as PSI-connect (Policy Science Interactions: connecting science and policy), SCENES (Water Scenarios for Europe and Neighbouring States), CAVES (Complexity, Agents, Volatility and Scale), NeWater (New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty), and EDUCEN (European Disasters in Urban Centres: a Culture Expert Network). He was also involved in many other international projects including CNH: The Emergence of Adaptive Governance Arrangements for Tropical Forest Ecosystems (funded by the National Science Foundation, USA), Global Flood Resilience Programme (Zurich Flood Resilience Partnership), and Water Futures and Solutions Initiative. In this context, he developed and applied, in a participatory way, a range of system dynamics qualitative and quantitative models. He designed many simulation, role-playing as well as experimental games addressing the issues of sustainable development and disaster risk management including “Floodplain Management Game”, “Climate Game”, “Forest at Risk”, “Flood Resilience Game”, “Gifts of Culture”, and “Energy Transition Game”. He is an author of many research and educational publications.

Felicjan Rydzak PhD, leader of „Business Dynamics” program at Centre for Systems Solutions. He has a background in industrial management and organization of production. He walks in two worlds – operations and research – and, while keeping in mind the system view and its dynamics, helps industrial organizations to deal with day-to- day operations on their way to transform the operations toward noble goals. His main areas of work include planning and facilitating organizational changes, modeling and simulation of complex systems and development of experiential learning environments. He is a former OMS Learning Lead facilitating implementation of Operating Management System and Continuous Improvement in BP Exploration & Production, Alaska. Currently he is involved in transition of BP’s Upstream Global Operations Organization from asset based to functional organization model. He contributes to designing and implementation of standard processes within reliability and maintenance sub-function and enhancing cooperation with other functions including operations, engineering and business services. He is also Research Scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria) Ecosystem Services and Management program involved in analysis of policies’ impacts across societal benefits areas in pursue of sustainable development goals.

Course fee

  • 800 EUR for regular participants (50% discount available for employees of public bodies, employees of Climate-KIC partners (both core and affiliate partner), employees of NGOs, Climate-KIC Alumni and participants of the Climate-KIC Certified Professional test phase in 2015.)

Grant applications have closed on 31 October.


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